Jumat, 26 November 2010

"Time is money" or "we must be patient and do it for the best"?

The people of Europe are not the same in treating time. Russian people do not like the working principles of western people who are always quick. They were guided by time is money. Russian people tend to be slower in the works to their advantage, especially in business negotiations. And in that way makes them better and achieve maximum results. But the German and Swiss people are very strict in treating time. They always used the time very well for the rapid completion of their target.

Rabu, 24 November 2010

Cue "okay"

Cue "okay" America that is by making a circle of your thumb and forefinger, while the other three fingers stand, meaning the same in Germany and northern France, but in the southern French means "zero" or "no". In paris "you valuable" and Greek "sexual solicitation." However, in Japan and the Philippines sign means money.imagine what would happen if a woman greek requested permission from the American men to go to his hotel room when he conferred with his business partner in the hotel lobby, the American men respond with American OK sign. It is not impossible that the Greek woman suddenly conk American men. So be careful in suggesting "okay", or your nose will be hit without knowing the reason why your nose was hit.
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