Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

news : Fishermen found the ancient ship in the Mentawai islands.

Fishermen discovered the wreck Mentawa island that contains the objects Antic 14th century relic that swept into coastal waters by the tsunami waves on 26 October 2010. Wreck was discovered off the coast of the island of Mentawai Sandiang. Wreck of the ship with a length of 20 meters and has one main pillar that is still intact was found fishing at a depth of 18 meters below sea level. According to the Department of Marine, the ship found a number of antiques in the form of ceramics and jug-jug Sun Dynasty relics of ancient China the 12th century until the 14th. It is estimated that the wreck in the seabed of the Indian Ocean tsunami swept into the sea islands of South Pagai and stranded under the sea around the island Sandiang. pursuant to sink a boatload of goods controlled by the state and could be auctioned and the results entered into the state treasury.

: http://id.news.yahoo.com/antr/20101214/tpl-nelayan-mentawai-temukan-bangkai-kap-cc08abe.html

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