Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Song Hye Gyo is included in the list of 20 most beautiful women.

Many magazines and web sites that compete for anyone surveying the most beautiful woman in the world. One of them is TC Candler. Since 1990, this website regularly issued a list of The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces. This year, for the first time a Korean woman's name. She is Song Hye Gyo. Song Hye Gyo position 18, which is even higher than Megan Fox is only ranked 64th. Beauty Song Hye Gyo touted as "perfect", and maybe his name could be found in the top 10 next year.
  Here is a list of 20 most beautiful women of the web:

1. Camilla Belle
2. Emma Watson
3. Tamsin Egerton
4. Leighton Meester
5. Alison Brie
6. Freida Pinto
7. Alice Eve
8. Emily DiDonato
9. Amanda Seyfried
10. Christina Hendricks
11. Kate Beckinsale
12. Marion Cotillard
13. Keira Knightley
14. Natalie Portman
15. Rose Byrne
16. Rihanna
17. January Jones
18. Song Hye Gyo
19. Emily Blunt
20. Rachel Weisz

source: http://id.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/100-wanita-tercantik-di-dunia-blog_editor-44.html

4 komentar:

  1. song hye gyo look so beautifull..... ..... .., park shin hye too.. ..

  2. park shin hye???, okay ,, i'll be post about park shin hye next time,, ,, ,, thanks for reading.. ..

  3. Söng hye gyo,luph u. . .

  4. beautifull. . . .


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